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We are results driven,
and naturally passionate
about what we do.

We are people working with brands to make them relevant to the world.

7-WE is a strategic and digital design agency, focused on tailoring brands and linking them with culture and trends to induce a great experience.

We believe the best results are achieved by working together. We seek innovative solutions, which inspire people’s lives and drive them to become involved.

Ludmila Lacerda Barros

Since I was very young, I have always had a love for aesthetics, art expression and design. My passion developed and grew into my career. I have been working
in advertising during all my vocational years.
Now, my multi-faceted role as a Creative Director includes overseeing, reviewing and approving all works produced by the 7-WE team from the planning phases, to the final texts and visuals. By communicating directly with all our clients, I grasp a better understanding of the brand and then proceed to infuse it with innovation: One of the "7-WE creative touches".

My daily routine involves making things happen as much is it involves solving problems, developing concepts, deriving strategies and creating jaw dropping visual content. I thrive from new challenges and opportunities.

As a well-rounded professional, my main goal is always to craft an end-to-end brand for consumer experience. A foundation of our success is to maintain in contact with our clients throughout the creative process. We aim to exceed expectations and to deliver exclusive, and excellent innovative results.

Zuckini Zigzag

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Technology geeks
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Our work is driven by our mission
and our mission is:WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.
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What they are saying about us

We are working diligently behind the scenes to assure positive feelings and great results.

“ Working with people and companies that strive for quality and excellence, even before any kind of budget concern, is what makes 7-WE very unique. It is a company made by people, or better: amazing, creative, fun, and above all, very serious people. I value their work, and insist on having 7-WE as a constant partner in executing our most creative and exceptional projects. “

Lelo Forti
Absolut Vodka Brand Embassador @Pernod Ricard

“Working with 7-WE is a great pleasure. They are a very professional company and partner, and are in constant search for better solutions and guarantee excellent delivery. I feel great confidence in the hands of 7-WE and I always get positively astonished at their results. The great advantage of working with 7-WE is the entrepreneurial spirit of Ludmila Lacerda demonstrated in every job done, regardless of its size. She is 100% focused, engaged and active in the job! “

Eduardo Magalhães
Durex Brand Ambassador @Pernod Ricard

“ Ludmila is a vibrant person. Not only is she vibrant, she is also very impressive. I have known her and her work for many years. She has a lot of professional experience . She always adds that extra touch to her projects, and gives your company undivided attention and that is what makes all the difference. “

Daniel Tucci
Founder and Tattoo Artist @King7tattoo

“ What I like the most about Ludmila is her union of creativity and enthusiasm. This is a quality not always found in creative people. I crossed paths with Lud in two instances of our professional careers: First, she worked with my team on the “National Industrial Design” and the second time we met, we developped projects together as partners. The creative person had also become an entrepreneur. Ludmila provides good design and good friendship! “

Bruno Bertrani
CEO, Creative Director

“ Ludmila is absolutely persistent in her pursuit of a creative concept. While we worked together, there was no part of the process too big or too small to pick her interest from the highest level of creative strategy down to the details of the design. She’s remarkable, passionate and vocal about the work. Ludmila has great skills to transform what we, the clients, are trying to say into creative design solutions. “

Gustavo Machado
CEO @Casa7Research

" Ludmila is so passionate about what she does. She breathes design and exhales innovation. Her good taste, and rich references make it possible for her to create the most unique concepts. The website RentaLocalFriend.com was developed with the utmost care by 7-WE, and the result is incredible! "

Alice Kuntz Moura
CEO @RentaLocalFriend.com

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